Book Talk with Rookmangud Katawal

On January 25, 2017, Thames International College Organized a book talk with Mr. Rookmangud Katawal.The bold and outspoken author and former Army General delivered a talk on his autobiography, 'रुकमाङ्गद कटवाल: आत्मकथा,' providing the audience with insight into Nepali politics and his journey into the army. Including stories from his childhood, student life, and career in the army, the book also serves as a historical text, detailing the Maoist conflict, the royal coup, and events after the Maoists came to the peace process.

Rookmangud Katawal served as the Chief of Army Staff of the Nepal Army from September 10, 2006, to August 2009. General Katawal had come into controversy after then Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal unilaterally decided to dismiss Katawal from his duties.

"In the eyes of a flower, the world is a flower, in the eyes of a thorn, the world is a thorn" he quoted at the beginning of his talk, encouraging the audience to always focus on the positives instead of looking for faults. Mr. Katawal believes one must seek to find the good in everything. He took us back to the beginning of his journey into Kathmandu and his military career.

"I will be happy if my life and experience can be useful to the young generation of the nation," he said, adding that many had encouraged him to write about his inspiring journey.. He explained that Nepal needs its young generation to take the initiative to dismantle the bureaucratic, corrupt, and nepotistic structure. He encouraged the young audience to put the country first.