Digital Proficiency Program

Digital Proficiency Program (DPP)


The Digital Proficiency Program is designed for students seeking fundamental IT knowledge and skills. It is an ideal choice for individuals with diverse academic backgrounds who wish to enhance their digital proficiency. This program equips students with essential skills to navigate the dynamic digital landscape and execute basic IT functions effectively. Students in this program will be exposed to the wide breadth of current and foundational IT education.


The objective of the Digital Proficiency Program is to ensure participants acquire a well-rounded understanding of fundamental IT skills. The program aims to provide a foundational grasp of basic computer concepts, encompassing computer architecture, data structures, and algorithmic thinking. Additionally, it seeks to foster digital literacy proficiency, empowering participants to navigate and effectively utilize common software applications and digital tools. Through hands-on, practical application, the program aims to equip individuals with real-world skills in executing fundamental programming tasks and troubleshooting common IT issues. The versatility of the program is highlighted, allowing participants from diverse academic backgrounds to benefit and gain skills applicable across various disciplines. Career enhancement is a primary objective, contributing to participants' employability and competitiveness in today's job market. The program aims to provide a well-rounded skill set in digital proficiency, covering a range of topics from theoretical concepts to practical applications. Furthermore, it aims to cultivate problem-solving and critical thinking skills within the realm of IT, encouraging participants to approach challenges with a systematic mindset. The program is designed to be accessible to individuals with varying levels of IT background, offering both beginners an introduction to IT and those with prior knowledge an opportunity to enhance their skills. Recognizing participants' proficiency, the program awards the Certificate of Digital Proficiency upon successful completion, serving as a valuable credential for future academic and professional pursuits. Ultimately, the program aims to lay the foundation for lifelong learning in the field of IT, ensuring participants are well-prepared to adapt to the evolving landscape of technology.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply basic IT concepts.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in common software applications.
  • Navigate and manage digital tools effectively.
  • Execute fundamental programming tasks.
  • Troubleshoot common IT issues.


Program Requirements

Students will need to complete a minimum of 12 credit hours to qualify for the certificate of DPP. 

The courses encompassed within this program include: 

  • UI/UX Design (3 credit hours)
  • Web Basics and Design Principles (3 credit hours)
  • Introduction to Programming Concepts (3 credit hours)
  • Digital Marketing (3 credit hours)
  • Data Analytics and Visualization (3 credit hours)

Note: The course list will be periodically updated in response to market demand and student interest. This dynamic approach ensures that the program remains relevant and aligned with the evolving needs of both the industry and the participants.


Certificate Eligibility

To qualify for the Digital Proficiency Certification, students must complete at least 12 credit hours by completing a minimum of four courses. Upon completing each course, students will receive an individual certificate recognizing their achievement in that specific course.



  • Interested students can register for these courses at the beginning of each semester.
  • A commitment fee per course is required during registration. The commitment fee ensures your dedication to the course.


Contact Information

For further inquiries, please contact:

Associate Director: Surendra Malla


Coordinator: Amin Lama


Phone: +977-9817096696

Level Certiificate
Type Elective
Credit Hours 12
Eligibility Current Student

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